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  1. jerry123

    jerry123 New Member

    hi there

    is there anyone on here who could give me advice on the types of yarns needed for carpet whipping.

    I'm looking for thickness and ply if anyone on here could help me please.

    many thanks in advance regards jerry
  2. Martin Jones

    Martin Jones New Member

    Speak to Janser they supply yarn for binding. The will send you a colour card. I've used the yarn for a couple of years and found it very good.
  3. St1gzee

    St1gzee Member

    Mc andrews textiles... 2ply wool or poly..very good firm..I've used them for two years..
  4. the carpet binder

    the carpet binder Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Hi mate, I can do you 2 ply twist yarns at £3-95 per kilo collected from Portsmouth, Hampshire.
  5. marks.fletchers

    marks.fletchers New Member

    Rug Binding Wool Yarn will suit you best in terms of thickness for whipping.
  6. the carpet binder

    the carpet binder Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Hi, has anyone got a contact for whipping yarn I'm looking at buying 1000 kilos + a month it must be good colours & really cheap ( not McAndrews or Mike Garner as far to expensive ) thanks.

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