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  1. SaRu

    SaRu New Member

    Hello, I am re-flooring our entire ground floor with an engineered wooden floor. The floor boards were delivered today and are an entirely different colour to that which I had chosen. The company has said:

    " I appreciate your concern with the colour difference between sample and the delivered floor, however the floor is a bespoke product, the colour transformation is a standard way of achieving the final colour. The colour is still evolving as part of the colouring process and is made using reactive smoking agents that change colour quickly after production to become the colour in the sample panel. Once the floor has had a chance to oxidise the colour will go lighter to be same as the panel. This process can take up to 2–3 months and will then settle."

    I feel very nervous about installing it and they are telling me they cannot take the floor back. Am I right to be nervous or will it dramatically change colour?

    I attach photos which show the lighter colour oak sample (I chose) against the dark wooden planks I received today which cause me concern.
    Your advice would be appreciated! Thank you.

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  2. silver fox

    silver fox Member

    Can you let us all know wether it changed colour or not. My guess would be no way!
  3. SaRu

    SaRu New Member

    Hello Silver Fox,
    Thank you for asking.
    I took on everyone’s advice (the wood flooring world is a very friendly, helpful world I have discovered!) and refused to lay it despite the company saying I need to call lawyers (I did my research there too and felt confident that the law was on my side, that I had been mis-sold. Long and stressful process but ultimately the company took the wood back and said they would put it under UV lights for a week. This they did (apparently) and would you believe it, they returned it a week later and it matched my sample piece!! Raised eyebrows all round! Anyhow I now have the floor I love, phew!
    Thank you to everyone for their advice.

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