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  1. Ads1

    Ads1 New Member

    Basildon, Essex
    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted a bit of advise please. I am having new carpet fitted in the lounge stairs and landing. We have chosen a 50oz twist regency elegance carpet that we like. But undecided which underlay to go for. Originally we were recommended the Cloud 9 Super contract, but after reading on here that it can sound like crisp packets and then looking at it again it has put me off.
    I want something quite firm as the lounge gets a lot of traffic, we have no hall with the stairs in the lounge. I want to try and avoid the marks you get when you move furniture around if possible. On a bit of a budget, but would rather get something decent. Any help appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Super conract is to thick for grippers and so Id never recommend it for that reason but never heard it sounds like crisp packets ?

    My recommendation would actually be normal cloud 9 conract. Quality underlay stays nice and firm
  3. Ads1

    Ads1 New Member

    Basildon, Essex
    Thanks for the info. I had read a few times on here that it can sound like crisp packets and when I looked again it has a film which makes crackling noises when handled. Not sure if it would be like that under the carpet. but it put me off. Anyone used Tredaire Titanium? Looks to be quite good.

    CROSSAN New Member

    I am also looking for advice for stairs & hallway underlay, what would you guys recommend, I am thinking cloud 9 caviar & crystal 9mm or the Charleston 9mm any recommendations I would really appreciate thank you
  5. Ads1

    Ads1 New Member

    Basildon, Essex
    I ended up going for a crumb rubber. Tredaire tredmore. It's quite firm which it what i wanted for the stairs to help with wear. Having it fitted this week. Hope that helps.
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Cloud 9 connoisseur 8mm is very good. I also use the 10mm connoisseur but if I do I use g9 gripper which is 9mm instead of 6mm standard gripper
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    CROSSAN New Member

    Thank You for replying,connoisseur 8 mm was one I was looking at but I have ended up going with 9mm Charleston
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