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Discussion in 'Tools and Products' started by FitterRob, Jun 27, 2017.

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  1. FitterRob

    FitterRob New Member

    hi chaps,

    Wanted to ask if anyone uses any other brand of welder aside from the Leister one and how they match up?
    Looking to buy another soon.
  2. Kev Jones

    Kev Jones Member

    Have you looked at the Stienel welders ...they are on offer at the moment . I personally have 2 Leisters myself but if i was going to upgrade they i may look at those.
    FitterRob likes this.
  3. FitterRob

    FitterRob New Member

    Hi Kev, thanks for the reply.
    I had a good look around but then a leister one popped up on eBay at a good price so I ended up getting that one.
    Kev Jones likes this.

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