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  1. Salv

    Salv New Member

    Good evening,
    My name is Salv and I am looking for some advice, as I am thinking of which is the best floor for my recently renovated conservatory. I currently have natural slate tile, which is uneven in some places as much as 10mm, due to it being natural slate. Ideally I would like laminate flooring, as I would like something durable that fits with the rest of the house, but was wondering if a floor fitter would be able to lay laminate on top of the slate, and if so, is it expensive to level it out? I have read about levelling compounds and floor grinders etc etc, but it is making me think that it is going to be really expensive to change. Any tips or pointers?
  2. VitoManiac

    VitoManiac Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    It'll be more expensive to ignore the concerns you already have.

    The sub-floor needs to be addressed and prepared to the level required for the product you choose.
  3. sidnee

    sidnee Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    As above, but would you really want to swap a slate floor for laminate?

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