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Discuss Trying to find out who makes Culloden carpet in the Textile & Carpet Forum area at

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  1. Gripper Rod

    Gripper Rod New Member

    Hello Forum

    I am trying to identify who makes & distributes a carpet that is marketed by Greendale group as Culloden. It is a wool natural and I think it is made in Belgium by Creatuft.

    I am a retailer who has an enquiry from a friend. Our local Greendale group retailer is no longer trading and she has not had satisfactory service from another Greendale stockist she has tried.

    Any help gratefully received.

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  3. daniel2829

    daniel2829 New Member

    Its called berlin
    Gripper Rod likes this.
  4. Gripper Rod

    Gripper Rod New Member

    Many thanks Daniel, I have sourced the carpet and completed the job :)

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