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  1. kate2017

    kate2017 New Member

    hello, wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I've gone to two local retailers for a quote for supply and fit of new carpets, both seem great, but have given me conflicting advice about underlay. I'd really appreciate any impartial views please. One says Tredaire Sensation 11mm and the other Cloud 9 Connoisseur 8mm. The carpet going over is a thick pile man made fibre for the bedrooms. I gather the underlays are about the same price, if anything the Cloud 9 is dearer but the Tredaire has the higher db and tog rating.
  2. foxpod

    foxpod Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Go For the Connoisseur 8mm
    11 mm underlay is too thick for the gripper and you won`t get a nice tight fit/finish.
    8/9mm underlays are best,the firmer the better.
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  3. sidnee

    sidnee Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    ^^^^what he said.
  4. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Connoisseur 8mm is very good underlay which will be better for gripper height. I also use 10mm connoisseur underlay which is brilliant but I then use a gripper called g9 which stairrods produce and as by the clue in the name it's 9mm in height so is designed for the thicker underlays

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