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  1. Katie Kempster

    Katie Kempster New Member

    Can anyone give me some advice, we have had this carpet for 10months and it has totally changed to a fairly matted mess.

    Any advice, is it worth raising with manufacturer; it was listed as high usage area but it’s in our lounge so not a massively heavy traffic area.
  2. Stanley Flooring

    Stanley Flooring New Member

    Its not a very dense pile but it is thick, hense why it flattens so quickly. Id say its normal,all carpets flatten, some worse than others
  3. Nickthecarpet

    Nickthecarpet Member Pro Floor Fitter

    The lounge is a heavy traffic area, second only to a hsl.
    From memory, its a saxony. Appearance retention on saxony's can be poor because synthetic fibre doesn't recover like wool.
    I'm guessing the affected areas are in front of settee or seats where people have their feet. You could try to tease the tufts up by hand or with a hoover but other than that, not a lot you can do.
    Its not a manufacturing fault.

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