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  1. daniel2829

    daniel2829 New Member

    Hi guys,

    We have been using ardex na for quite some time on all our lvt jobs over the last couple of months we have found that we are having to double and triple coat with feather to get the floor smooth enough for lvt.

    What have you guys been using?

  2. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    NA is crap flowing and to soft.
    It has its used but not what you want to be using everyday.

    Waterbased always goes down the best but obviously the compression strength can be to much on problem floors.

    I'd say try anything but NA lol

    Uzin products are good
  3. daniel2829

    daniel2829 New Member

    Yeah we are realising that!

    We were maybe going to go with l3 gold uzin.

    What do you use day to day.
  4. silver fox

    silver fox Member

    Stopgap 1200 Pro does the job for me but I always prime first, I get a cracking finish that way - bag of feather lasts forever. Have used L3 Gold in the Moisture control format quite a few times and find it a superb product to work with.
  5. daniel2829

    daniel2829 New Member

    We did use 1200 previously but had 2 massive jobs with bad batches the accelerator went off too quick(fballs wording) and it dried like a ploughed field. Although when it's worked it has been good.
    Think we will crack on with the uzin.
  6. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    L3 gold is expensive
  7. daniel2829

    daniel2829 New Member

    If it's good it'll be worth it
  8. pf flooring

    pf flooring Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    anything water based, 300 k11 etc
  9. Rugmuncher

    Rugmuncher Member

    Ive started using level it Bond again and the finish on that is spot on, really smooth.

    Had a bad batch of NA few months ago which was terrible but since using it again few weeks ago on a big job it was back to how it usually is, nice and consistent.

    300hd = glass finish!
  10. Kev Jones

    Kev Jones Member

    Do water based screeds tend to take longer to dry......i stay away from them really unless its a fibre re-inforced one.
  11. Rugmuncher

    Rugmuncher Member

    I find 300hd to take longer yes but love using the stuff when I can. Effortless on them Monday mornings :(
  12. Kev Jones

    Kev Jones Member

    Could you still lets say screed over an asphalt floor in the morning and fit the next day?
    Only reason im asking is im looking at using some different products. Had some 1200 last friday and that was drying to quick, NA i used early last week seems to have changed. Best one i like using is Ardex CL but it dont dry that quickly.
  13. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    You can't use water based on ashfelt
    But you can fit on it the next day.

    CL is walkable in a couple of hours I use a lot of it
  14. Kev Jones

    Kev Jones Member

    Yeah i didnt think you could use them on asphalt. My goto screed is the CL.....cracking finish on it but sometimes you go back the next day and its still not fully dry.
  15. Rugmuncher

    Rugmuncher Member

    CL has gotten better, used to hate the stuff.
    With the 1200 did you prime still?
    I prime most 1200/na now due to NA giving me grief on some, like sludge at one point!
  16. Kev Jones

    Kev Jones Member

    Yeah i still prime.....covering myself i guess.
  17. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    I prime every time

    On concrete diluted with water if it soaks in really quickly I repeat it then a neat coat on top.

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