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  1. gavvy

    gavvy New Member

    Hi all

    I have a Mapei Ultraplan Reno screed floor on plywood on chipboard. As I stated elsewhere it is not flat. I am considering adding more SLC now that I have researched a lot about the subject.

    There are some spider line (thin) cracks that have formed in the 3 weeks since it was poured. I wonder if I should
    • not worry about them and just proceed to primer stage
    • deal with them in some way .. by filling with some sort of material and wait till dry before priming
    • worry a lot about the thin cracks and consider full removal of the SLC. If this is the correct approach, can it be removed back down to the plywood?
    Many thanks in advance guys
  2. pf flooring

    pf flooring Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    worry why its cracking myself, although the fibre is designed to be able to crack and move slightly, id be wondering whats caused it, has it been primed has the ply under it been fixed properly, basically movement has caused the cracks and putting more over the top will likely just mean that that cracks will come through again if not fixing the underlying cause first.
  3. gavvy

    gavvy New Member

  4. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Most fbre reinforced screeds will crack on ply if there's any movement especially if laid to thick. Never understood why there always waterbased with high comprehensive strength. Doesn't make sense really.
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