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  1. Reeve1

    Reeve1 New Member

    We had a Karndean floor fitted in our dining room and kitchen. The old wooden floor was taken up from the dining room and 18mm marine ply was put down to bring the floor up to the same level as the kitchen. I think that next as a self levelling latex and the the Karndean planks were glued down.
    we have noticed that some raised lines are appearing (see photo). We thought that maybe it was the end of 1 of the plywood sheets but then there is a number of smaller ones about 15 cm away.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    many thanks

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  2. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    It’s definitely not right
    Looks like ply lines showing through Hard to say with out seeing under the planks
    That’s VanGogh Aged redwood yes ?
  3. marks.fletchers

    marks.fletchers New Member

    Well this line are having bad impression on floor but it's difficult to say that it have happened with planks. But i think you should contact the person who did floor fitting to get the exact problem. there is a little possibility of having Karndean with some defects.
  4. Nickthecarpet

    Nickthecarpet Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Impossible to tell over a forum. Suspect it's probably a fitting issue of some sort ie incorrect prep. Contact whoever you paid to fit it as your first point of call and get them to inspect it.
  5. Rugmuncher

    Rugmuncher Member

    Mate...your over 6 months late
  6. Nickthecarpet

    Nickthecarpet Member Pro Floor Fitter

    More than that. Haven't been on here for around 8 years.
    Just catching up.

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