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  1. ihatecarpets

    ihatecarpets Member

    honall was wondering how you guys fit click lvt in bathrooms i normally tell the shop to advise removing the toilet and sink as it's easier and a neater job, how ever they don't always follow my advise or the customer doesn't want to remove the goods, which then makes it a time consuming job, so how do you guys do it? if you cut around the pans what's the easiest way of doing the job right?
  2. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Paper template with 2mm expansion gap

    Best way is to not bother with the stuff from altogether
  3. Rugmuncher

    Rugmuncher Member

    Ive done one bathroom in camaro lock and ill never do a click system in a bathroom again unless everything is taken out. I tried to get them to go with the stick down lvt but they wanted to be able to get under the floorboards if need be....waste of bloody time if you ask me.

    But anyway like spacey says, template the lot and leave a couple of mm expansion. Silicon when done = job done!!
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  4. Micky

    Micky New Member

    Don't see the point in the stuff, done a couple of jobs with it but sooner lay stuck down less hassle .
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  5. themanwiththestick

    themanwiththestick New Member

    What do you guys get paid for fitting natural livin, Quicksteps lvt click? Or any lvt click?
    Our firm pays us £7.50 psqm. We are employed, use their van, etc.
    We think that's low?! Hell of a lot of messing about including colour match seal for only double the price to fit cushion floor.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  6. Micky

    Micky New Member

    Hi theman etc,I'm self employed and get between 13 and 22 pound per square meter depends on what it is and prep, but have heard of guys getting more than that.
  7. themanwiththestick

    themanwiththestick New Member

    Thanks. Seems fair. We know were in Lincolnshire but think we're should be getting paid more.
  8. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Are you employed or self employed?
    If your employed like you've said then I don't understand why you'd be getting paid meterage ? Surely your on a wage ?

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