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Discuss Karpet king what's the screw in the circle about? in the Textile & Carpet Forum area at

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  1. St1gzee

    St1gzee Member

    Mine is missing this screw. But what does it do?

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  2. daniel2829

    daniel2829 New Member

    Our machine is very different to that.
    Call Matparts they will know the answer and probably stock the screw.
  3. daniel2829

    daniel2829 New Member

    01706 871933
  4. St1gzee

    St1gzee Member

    I thought matparts went bust? Some karpet kings are made by newlong and the headstock is made by loads of companies.. So I'm told.
    Anyway all I wanna know is does the screw lock the 2 presser rods together.. Thanks for coming by
  5. daniel2829

    daniel2829 New Member

    Matparts are still going just bought a new tension adjustment bolt last week.
    Oh well can't help with that
  6. the carpet binder

    the carpet binder Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Hi mate, the bolt should be tight but the lefhand shaft should move up & down independently to the right hand one.

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