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  1. carpet couture

    carpet couture New Member

    Hand knotted Rugs are by and large made in Cut pile but loop pile can also be made. The dexterous craftsmen infuse charisma and magnificence in the yarns as they slog to craft these high end carpets. Moreover, these can also be commissioned as per the requirements of customers.

    Hand knotting method involves stretching of warp threads on the loom. And it is then followed by the knotting of the pile. The weft thread is subsequently introduced. Later on, the pile is trimmed. Excellent Quality hand knotted carpets are recognized by their tight knots, neat and short pile.

    When you purchase a hand-knotted carpet, it implies that an accomplished and experienced weaver in isolation tied every knot, thus producing an exceptional handmade rug. This is exactly what makes these hand-knotted carpets so unique and much more costly than all other varieties of area rugs.

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