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  1. abdelghani

    abdelghani New Member

    Once you decide to buy a Berber carpet to decor your places, you will get amazed at the diversity of the rugs. Mostly, the Berbers who are known for rugs located in the Atlas mountains and southern. The most known tribes that make mats are Beni Ourain, Zemmour, Talsint, Beni Mguild, and Azilal. Those five tribes differ in the style of art and design that they make.It is worth to mention that the Amazigh women are the pillars of Berber art. Those women express their experiences throughout the language of geometric patterns and color. For every significant event such as wedding or pregnancy, the Amazigh women make rugs for those occasions.

    Below, we will go through all those five kinds of Berber rugs and examine each one of them.

    Beni Ourain rugs.

    Beni Ourain tribes live in the middle of Atlas mountains. They are known for their minimalist rugs that reflect a real love of art. Their mats are from the sheepskin wool with a touch of Berber female hands. They are very trendy due to its minimalist look that suits the modern interiors. Beni Ourain rug looks fabulous in the courtyard of a riad, a master bedroom or a nursery. It will seem particularly unusual with white or black tile or wood floors. As a rule, these rugs look particularly amazing with modernist style furniture; the legendary modernist architect Le Corbusier was one of the first designers to use the Moroccan rugs in his homes in the 50’s. It will look equally as chic in a traditional style home to give a more authentic feel and add another textural dimension to the room.


    Talsint rug.

    Talsint is on the eastern side of the Atlas mountains. Aït Bou Chaouen tribes settle in the Talsint area in which they flourished with particular kind of artifact. They are a very isolated nomadic tribe; their carpets are another celebration of the artistic imagination of the Berber women. The rugs of this region were not discovered until years 90. They weave large mat with wild designs, crazy and full of colors that reflect their abstract art. Mostly the Talsint women use traditional Berber knots - typically with intense shades of red, purple & orange. However, Talsint rugs are unique. Each one is expressing the emotional state of the maker. Their mats are one of the pieces that bring life and creativity to its environment.


    Zemmour kilim rug.

    Zemmour is a province located in the Middle Atlas mountains. It contains several tribes under the name of Zemmour. Zemmour tribes are known not only for their quality of materials as wool and cotton but also their skills of integrating the shapes and colors. Their carpets display a fantastic range of colors that vary from orange to lavender. The vintage Moroccan rug is in an abstract design with underlying motifs that subtly incorporate lozenges, diamonds, crosses, and checkerboards. Accent colors include brown, green, yellow, purple and cream. Zemmour rugs are one of the evidence of the richness of the Berber symbology that represents male, female, and life.


    Azilal rug.

    Azilal is between the middle and the high Atlas mountains. Azilal rugs are traditionally cream with black/brown patterns, occasionally found with additional colors such as red, green and pink. While the models may seem whimsical and random, their beautiful colors differ from neutral to bright shades, and the design characteristics range from a colorful freestyle pattern to geometric shapes. Every Azilal rug has its personality and expresses the weavers' aspirations in life – each rug has its own story to tell. Knotted by hand, by Amazigh women – they can take up to a year to complete.


    Beni Mguild rug.

    The Beni M'guild region in the western Middle Atlas of Morocco can be quite harsh in the winters months. Their rugs are very thick in a pile to protect them against the cold woven by the women on a vertical loom they tend to have simple geometric designs running down or across the carpet with a background of red, brown, white or sometimes blue. Beni M’guild rugs are full of color, beautiful shape, and symbolism. Its color- if you're not a pure boho style with all patterns and color all the time -can be the perfect balance of your neutral furniture. It will become a conversation piece.

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