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  1. Stanley Flooring

    Stanley Flooring New Member

    Anybody fitted Sensations & new oaklands lately,backing full of latex and too stiff to stretch,no ammount of heat making it better either. Sick of fitting it now :mad:
  2. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Won’t supply cormar anymore. Delamation issues all the time .
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  3. Rugmuncher

    Rugmuncher Member

    ^^ hence why I stopped supply and fitting it. Its dog pooh
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  4. foxpod

    foxpod Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Yet they win awards every year...
    Who the fu<k votes in these polls?????
    Fu<king disgrace of a company,and promote made in Britain !! How embarrassing !!!
    I`m sick to death with fitting $hit,so many companys supplying crap....
    Sign of the times and the times aint good in the carpet quality world....
    Utter Dog$hit !!!
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  5. foxpod

    foxpod Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Oh and its deffo not latex in the backing,If it was latex the $hit wouldnt delaminate all over the place,fu<k knows what they put in it nowadays......
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  6. The Carpet Crusader

    The Carpet Crusader New Member

    Okay, My first post on here - and I'm probably going to be shot down.
    We sell and fit an awful lot of Cormar Carpets, and haven't really got a problem with being hard, or delaminating.
    Two points - the sheer volume of carpets that Cormar make, they are bound to have problems of one kind or another.
    The only problem we have had with their product was one roll that stank when laid, and to be fair to Cormar they knew straight away that it had been a bad batch and replaced the whole roll without any quibble, or sending anybody out to see it.
    In terms of being hard - we've got a problem with Berbers especially from overseas being like plywood in this cold weather, and have had problems with carpets virtually snapping as we fit them, and rows coming off the side as we turn them.
  7. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    May be better now it was awful. Then if you had a problem they send independent inspector out and in my case knew very little . But cormar didn’t want to know hence I stopped selling there products

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