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  1. Sadowska

    Sadowska New Member

    Hi, hope someone can advise on carpet quality please. I'm considering the condor imperial saxony, available for £14 psm (hoping to source it through a local fitter).
    I also have a sample of the condor revolution (£7 psm) which doesn't seem to be good quality. Does anyone have an opinion on the imperial, or condor generally please?
    My partner takes some convincing that we should spend any more than the minimum (!) but it's the lounge and we're staying in the house long term. But then it's a big lounge and realistically £14 for carpet is the most we can spend.
  2. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Condor do loads of carpets I sell one called Orlando which is a good saxony and not a bad on price
  3. Sadowska

    Sadowska New Member

    Thanks Tom. Anyone have any thoughts on the imperial please?
  4. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    imperial is fine for lounge I would suggest you use a good high density underlay with it like cloud 9 connoisseur 8mm
  5. Sadowska

    Sadowska New Member

    Thanks again. Would you recommend it to last well, as I want to make the right investment. Is the connoisseur better than the contract?
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    I prefer to use connoisseur over the contract yes. Imperial will wear fine if you look after it well and vacuum regular with a good upright vacuum cleaner
  7. foxpod

    foxpod Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Imperial normally has a decent backing which is unusual nowadays !!
    Good value for money carpet mate..
    Charleston 9 would be my choice of ulay.Connoisseur good aswell
  8. marks.fletchers

    marks.fletchers New Member

    Imperial would be suitable for heavy domestic use, but if you want luxurious look i suggest go with connoisseur. As connoisseur can be termed as family run carpet.

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