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Discuss City Twist (100% polypropylene, Tog 1.2) suitable for stairs ? in the Textile & Carpet Forum area at

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  1. zena a

    zena a New Member

    Will this be OK on stairs : City Twist ("Very Heavy Domestic Wear") on rubber crumb U/L. One salesman says it wont wear well & will be hard to bend & fit.
  2. moonie

    moonie Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Its sh1t! dont do it.
  3. zena a

    zena a New Member

    Hi Moonie, tx for replying. It was a JL salesman! Another recommended Abingdon or Regency twist ... what's your view on those ? Or wd you suggest sthg different ? Tx so much.
  4. moonie

    moonie Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    can't go too far wrong with abingdons. Avoid cormar at all costs. Don't go for anything with a long pile.
  5. Nigel Knuckey

    Nigel Knuckey New Member

    We've fitted loads of City Twist on stairs. No problems. Not City Twist Classic.

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