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  1. Doctok

    Doctok New Member

    Hi All,

    I’m so confused at the moment but very happy I found this forum, I’ve looked through some previous posts but need some clarification. I am wanting a stain resistant carpet with a budget of £15-£20 per square meter, I very nearly bought Cormar Primo Ultra but looking through the forum it looks as though a dodged a bullet by not going through with the purchase.

    Please can you advise me on 2 or 3 good quality & reliable carpet manufacturers? Also a good quality underlay between 8mm-10mm, which ever thickness you deem best. We have also had a quote for Abingdon Aqua ProTec Classic Twist, is this any good? Also have a sample of Associated Weavers Invictus Twist. Completely open to a different manufacturer just want the best for our budget, any help appreciated. Thank you.
  2. foxpod

    foxpod Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Have a look at Kingsmead Tremendous
    Also Abingdon Stainfree Rustique
    Both come in 2 qualitys and in the price range.
    Stay away from Primo poo poo and in fact any Cormar $h!t
    Underlay wise Cloud 9 Charleston 9mm or Connoisser 8mm/10mm
    Cloud 9 contract 8/10 are ok too
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  3. Doctok

    Doctok New Member

    Hi Foxpod

    Thank you for the advice, I’ve found a supplier/fitter with:
    Abingdon Stainfree Rustique
    Abingdon Stainfree Melody
    Abingdon Stainfree Valiant
    Abingdon Stainfree Grande
    In your opinion which is the best quality carpet to go for? I have a sample book of Rustique at home & like the feel of the carpet, is it still the best one to go for? Prices are pretty similar on all above, again thank you for the help I wouldn’t have a clue otherwise.


  4. palend bin

    palend bin New Member

    malaysia, Selangor
    1- Designing the pattern of traditional and modern carpets ( machine-made & hand-made)

    2- Resizing and updating patterns

    3- Combination of colors and Art adviser

    4- Counseling about the status the carpet market

    5- Texture monitoring

    6- An agent between the seller and a buyer
  5. Nickthecarpet

    Nickthecarpet Member Pro Floor Fitter

    There's nothing wrong with Cormar and Primo is a great range.
    As is Abingdon's Rustique.
    Ball and Youngs underlays are good but there's plenty of equally good 9mm PU foam underlays that are cheaper.

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