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  1. Tredaire Tel

    Tredaire Tel Member Pro Floor Fitter

    West Sussex
    I pulled my left groin 10 weeks ago. Visited a physiotherapist for treatment.
    He'd previously worked with the Sussex cricket team said it wasn't a groin strain. Went to my osteopath, who took 10 seconds to confirm the pain is in my hip. (Shan't be recommending that physio any time soon). Visited a consultant, who sent me for X-rays and had blood tests. No breaks or cracks in hip area, he confirmed that arthritis was evident and sent me for an MRI scan. Revisited him once he'd viewed the results. Well sir scan confirms tou need new hip how does 16th of January sound. SOUNDS !!! like my life is over. I've gone from never having the slightest pain in my groin to never fitting a carpet again in 10 weeks.
    Does anyone know of a fitter that's working full time following a hip replacement?
    I'm scared sh..less. It's all I know. And I'm very good at it. Or soon to be a was very good.
  2. neilrj

    neilrj New Member

    Can't help with fitters returning to work (I'm strictly DIY lurker so outside of the industry) but I know loads of people who've had new hips (I'm 56 but friends are older) and all have been much better after a new hip AND this includes people who have had just a little pain and then discovered the worst like you, BUT I also cycle with a 70 year old who fell off cycling with my group and broke her hip, she had a new hip same day and was again cycling with me 12 weeks later!
    They wouldn't offer you a hip if you didn't need one, it's only your massive pain threshold/stubbornness that hasn't revealed the need earlier.
  3. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Possible be ok if you use power stretcher more if you don’t use one now . You could also try the kneeless stretcher. Good luck hope all goes well for you
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  4. foxpod

    foxpod Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Sorry to hear that mate,hope all goes well for you.
  5. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    How did op go on hip. Will you be able to carry on fitting in the future
  6. stretchersi

    stretchersi Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Just seen this post and made me think of 3 years ago, had the news that I would be off for 1 month min, hernia repair.
    Tom asked almost 1 year ago about how it went.
    Still no answer, anybody know?

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