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  1. St1gzee

    St1gzee Member

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  2. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    There's a reason why things like this Aren't posted on social media or forums
  3. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Plus like a lot of things its never as simple as it seams
  4. St1gzee

    St1gzee Member

    Report me to the magic carpet circle then if you feel like that fella..lmao
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  5. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Thing is some guys spend alot of time effort and money to correctly learn and practice these type of things and there's already lots of part pics and half videos and bad advice online of fitting techniques of both carpet and resilient flooring.
    If you feel you want to share this kind of thing at least go the full hog and show and explain the whole process start to finish
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Your right Spacey a lot of carpet fitters can’t even prep right let alone fit. So to start bending stripes and hand sewing bull noses is a recipe for disaster. I’m a carpet fitter I’ve seen how you curve lvt but I wouldn’t try it and get in mess doing so
  7. daniel2829

    daniel2829 New Member

    Well done. I thought that's how it was done but nice to see it confirmed. Guess what we will be doing on our display stair tomorrow!
  8. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Guess what you'll be getting frustrated with and pulling your hair out about tomorrow and the next day
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  9. foxpod

    foxpod Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    I do like ,like you say in the vid,but i like the technique not the finish.
    I`m not a fan of bendy stripe but thanks for sharing mate.
    Thumbs up from me..

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