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  1. Wayne C

    Wayne C New Member

    I have just moved into a Housing Association flat and it would appear they haven’t done an asbestos survey, from what I have researched the floor tiles all grey coloured with white streaks look like they have asbestos binding within their make up. Can I ask please?, I realise drilling or hammering them is total out of bounds wit regard to fitting Gripper, am I ok to glue the gripper to these tiles. I am at the stage of fitting my own carpets and would appreciate any advice. The HA I don’t think will contemplate taking them all up as the flat has them in hall, both bedrooms and the lounge.

    Any advice please ?.

    Also I will no doubt have issues when I want to install door thresholds at a later day but that’s secondary, what do you folks do when you encounter these therma plastic floor tiles - they are the original floor tiles from when the flat was built in 1973 so I’m guessing they will be made Of asbestos and vinyl.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
  2. stretchersi

    stretchersi Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    Do we fitters encounter thermo's ?
    Every day, my friend , and I have been informed that a lot of tiles and old vinyl looking flooring has an asbestos content, however, there is bad asbestos and not bad asbestos.
    The type in paper backed vinyls and thermo's is , i'm told, not the scary stuff.
    I believed him for two reasons.
    1- He stood there when I was ripping up said paper backed flooring, so would be affected also.
    2- He owned a company that removed the scary asbestos from buildings all over the country, ergo, he should know!

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