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  1. Hey
    I went to check out Carpetright and SCS in town, looking for a theatre red carpet for my living room.

    I found these:
    Boston Saxony Carpet -

    Manhattan Plain -

    SCS doesn't list the specs of their carpet, or much of anything about it. But they have the same TOG value. In store the samples looked identical. Are they identical? What are these carpets "real" names?

    I would like to order samples to compare them but by then the sale will end.... what a cunning move
  2. Steve12

    Steve12 New Member

    Yes noble collection is the true name of all the carpets above, carpetright and scs change the names of the carpet to try stop you finding it cheaper.
  3. Steve12

    Steve12 New Member

    All 3 carpets above are the same carpet all manufactured by Balta
  4. Steve

    Steve Well-Known Member Pro Floor Fitter

    BTW, Noble won't last five minutes in a heart wear area like a lounge.

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