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  1. gavin andrews

    gavin andrews New Member

    Hi all

    (extra info - I need a very flat floor to lie on for a spine condition. I wasn't in the same room with the tiler watching him, rather I was in a different room working)

    I recently had a tiler attempt a levelling of my floor using Mapei self leveller. The original floor was chipboard. The tiler screwed a 6mm plywood layer on top of that and then added the self-leveller onto that. Then it was left to dry for 24 hours.

    I checked it the next day and the flatness is not good. There are variations of around 4mm over 1m distance. You can see the 3 areas where the tiler has poured the screed due to the patterns on the floor. I'm unsure if that means anything or not, but the central of the 3 pours seems to correspond to the higher area and is a slightly darker colour than the other 2 areas.

    My question is really, is there any scope to getting in a second flooring expert/tiler and adding more self-leveller on top with the hope of getting it much flatter?

    I noted the way the tiler performed the work and believe, from research online, that there were only really the following areas where we might have got a flatter result.

    • My tiler mixed the water and the mapei compound for around 3 mins and only for that one time.

    • There was around 10 minutes before the compound started to pour the first time from the time the mixing was finished.

    • There may have been 20 minutes from end of mixing time to the last of the 3 pours onto the ground by the tiler.

    Can I ask if anyone know if the 3 bullet points might account for the non-flat result?

    Also, no primer was used: which I thought was the norm if screeding onto plywood?

  2. Spacey

    Spacey Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    In layman's terms
    He doesn't know own what he's doing
    It's probably not bonded to the ply so no point in putting anything else over it.
    I'd remove what he's done and start again
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  3. gavvy

    gavvy New Member

    thanks, useful to know.

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