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  1. Grazy

    Grazy New Member

    evening chaps ,

    I have a 28 m2 kitchen/dining room to fit in Flotex soon , I have previously used anti plas tape on my instillations but as it’s a bigger area I’m wondering if I should be sticking it down all over
    If so what adhesive would people recommend.
    It’s in a bungalow with concrete floor and two people living there
    It has a 4m and a 1:80 m long joins

    Many thanks Graeme
  2. Tom

    Tom Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    I’d check for moisture first in sub floor if readings are ok screed floor then stick with f44 but don’t glue directly under joins . Put pencil line down where joins fall and leave glue a mm or 2 away from pencil line . If you glue directly under join in time it goes dirty and etc . Also if you decide to with tape do same with tape leave it a mm or 2 away from join
  3. marks.fletchers

    marks.fletchers New Member

    The suggested adhesive for use with Flotex sheet items is 540 Eurosafe Special. The suggested adhesive for Flotex tiles introduced all in all activity territories is 542 Eurofix Tack. In addition tackifier adhesive. It is essential when utilizing tackifier adhesive that an entire scope of the subfloor is accomplished.

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