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Oct 30, 2017
Jun 28, 2007
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Forum back up and running. :) Aug 18, 2014

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Oct 30, 2017
    1. Spacey
      Not sure you'll see this but to answer your question on the other forum NO I'm completely blocked from the whole thing and can see and read nothing unless I log out of course Thanks for the tag tho pal
    2. Dan
      Forum back up and running. :)
    3. Dan
      I don't have time to write a status message right now I'm afraid. So hang in there. Perhaps I'll post one soon?
    4. foxpod
      sent pm mate
    5. foxpod
      Yes mate,I believe it is......Thx
    6. foxpod
      Thanks mate....
    7. Tingewick Flooring
      Tingewick Flooring
      No worries mate..... Back to trying to get my high scores back!!!!!!!!!
    8. Tingewick Flooring
      Tingewick Flooring
      All good mate. I also logged out to see if I could gain access, but couldn't, so all working fine..
    9. Tingewick Flooring
      Tingewick Flooring
      Hi Dan, tryed getting in to the "fitters hangout" but it's telling me I do not have permision.
    10. Dave
      Cheers for that,,,now i just need to think what you put...can you hyper link..? in tilers news.
    11. Dave
      He is on about getting a Ecommerce site done and SEO comes with it or summit...i tried to get him to use Mistore but he wants someone local who can just pop in as and when needed to see to things or i left it at that...

      How does one get a good article on tilers news...?
    12. Dave
      They are mate....he really likes my work and my attitude otwards him and he is really grateful for the stuff we have done for him...he has found ot hard to find time yet to set up a profile on TTT...but i have done a few posts and a blog sort of thing about stone and linked him in it..

      I couldn't do the tile news one..wasn't sure what i needed to do...

      He finds it hard to rank for stone in durham etc as his comp name doen't really suggest stone does it..?...tried to think of ways to over come that..any idea;'s/
    13. Dave
      that wasn't a hint...

      I love working with some real nice stuff coming is 6 inch wide high polishe marble( silver quartz) in random lengths....wet room...will be very nice when done....just landed a 80 mtr travertine floor and a 30 mtr limestone sore knees all
    14. Dave
      ye..not bad...glad when i have finished this applestone bathroom.....all tiles are on. so no more getting soaked off the this week anyway...just about booked ti xmas now...all stone work though..PHG have really looked after me..
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    This is a flooring forum I own. I'm not a floor fitter though, so we have professional floor fitters running the place.

    I'm into Volkswagens, old and new, and spend a lot of time with my family.

    And that's me in a nutshell.
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